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Unless you live under a rock and don't pay attention to new technology in the film industry, you have probably heard about the ambitious Magic Lantern hack that allows for raw  footage be shot on nearly every recent camera of Canon.  Without a doubt, it is the most exciting development in recent memory and provided it matures into solid and reliable software it will definitely become one of the biggest game changers we've ever encountered in the past few years. 

I mean, consider it for a moment. Technology that was only available to those with large budgets or rentals was just leveled last year by BMCC. Now, almost suddenly, nearly every Canon owner has in their hands, a newly valuable piece of gear, that before then was relegated to those with more resources. Now we can capture utterly  amazing images from the same cameras that brought about a revolution in the way we film.

Just look at some of these films below, not merely mimicking the beauty of an Arri Alexa or RED Epic, but carving its own take on light:

Had to stop myself before I got too carried away, this stuff almost makes me emotional! But seriously, these images rival the quality of many different cameras. The possibilities are endless, provided we all stay with it, and keep pushing forward on this new medium ability.

Personally, I see no true reason now to upgrade from my Canon 550D for the next year or so, provided I remain with size of projects I do now. 

Now, on the same token, I am in the  process of preparing for a budget short film at the end of the month, which will be shot on the BMCC.  The film is a vfx film and is for theatrical projection at film festivals. Because of the needs of delivery, I am using that camera. I believe in the idea of using whatever camera fits the project and your pocket. And I also like testing out different kinds of gear:) 

As film technology continues to evolve, I am excited to see where this goes, and am hopeful in the increasingly affordable and inventive industry.  

If you own a Canon camera yourself and have not tried the RAW hack yourself, give it a shot and download it at:

And here's one last film to watch, more narrative than the rest, an excellent example of utilizing this new advantage and gift:


07/02/2013 3:35pm

Thanks for the share! I enjoyed reading your post and I am just as passionate about the future of affordable raw :)

07/02/2013 3:47pm

Sure thing! It's been a more than exciting year for filmmakers, pumped to see what's next!


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